Mercedes launches their beast on Silverstone

Formula 1 world champion team Mercedes officially unveiled its 2017 car, the W08


The car had already broken cover earlier in the morning when it completed a handful of laps under the FIA’s ‘filming day’ allowance with Lewis Hamilton at the wheel.

“It is so exciting to see this thing come together,”

“From working in the wind tunnel, then they have this jig which is into real carbon fibre, you see it all come together, do the seat fitting over the winter and in the last few days seeing it all appearing, somehow they all just slot in perfectly.


“Driving today, naturally the car feels wider, which it is, and the front tyres feel huge. There is quite a lot of grip already even in the cold conditions here.

“This is not a test, really the laps I did today were behind a vehicle to get filming in and just a shakedown. I got to go a little bit faster but it’s so gusty and it is wet”, said Hamilton after his litle exibition on wet Silverstone.


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